Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Management Solutions are designed to help your business maintain your relationships with guests over time, so that they return more often and spend more as a result. According to the Harvard business review increasing the number of guests returning to your venue by just 5% can boost profits by between 25% and 95%.

Hospitality Simplified has partnered with IMTS Global Limited to offer an innovative CRM solution tailored to Restaurants and Guest Accommodation. Our solution enables your business to

  • Collect and store personal guest information like name, email, phone, address, birthday, anniversary, company, title, allergies, dietary restrictions and more.
  • Track guest visit and order history on guest profiles, including dates of previous visits and item level visibility into past purchases.
  • Send targeted email messages and offers to guests based on their personal information.
  • Track email performance metrics, such as who read what email and did they make a reservation as a result ?



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